Jul 20, 2018

Kitchen Matters have taken on the Novy range of extraction and hobs. Novy, a Belgian extraction specialist, have been making hoods since 1965, distinguishing themselves by making the quietest extractor hoods on the market. By also achieving the highest possible extraction efficiency, Novy really do live up to their philosophy of: design, ease of use, durability, and silence.

Features of a Novy Cooker Hood

  • Durable

Novy build their cooker hoods with a robust motor providing silent performance and high efficiency. The motor is housed in a stable motor casing construction which neutralises the vibration noise using rubber “silent blocks” and durable bearing suspension.

  • Silent Operation

Novy provides it’s cooker hoods with a sound proofing system, minimising the noise and vibration of the motor.

  • Efficient Grease Extraction

The grease filter is constructed with multiple layers of aluminium  with varying densities. It is situated near the outlet to guarantee maximum recovery of grease and is very efficient at filtering cooking odours. The grease filter is invisible, non-combustible and easy to clean in the dishwasher.

  • Efficient odour and vapour removal

Novy is the first to develop a performance peripheral extraction technology. Cooking vapours are extracted along the edges and therefore practically cannot escape. This results in high extraction efficiency.

Novy's hallmark product, the Cloud recirculation ceiling mounted hood exemplifies sound design. Incredibly efficient odour extraction, variable adjustable colour temperature LED lighting and radio remote control operation make this a very desirable hood.

The Panorama hood, also on display at the showroom taken worktop ventilation to new heights and was the winner of the 2018 Red Dot award.

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